Exchanges and returns policy

Out of stock

Products out of stock are precisely indicated on the SONLIFE website, during the summary preceding your order confirmation and on your confirmation email.

However, the quantity of products available in stock is not calculated in real time, and it is possible that several users of the site order the same product at the same time.

Cancellation and modification of the order

You have the option of canceling or rectifying your order as long as payment for your purchases has not been confirmed (order confirmation email).

For orders under invoice, modification is possible as long as the package is not sent.

SONLIFE also reserves the right to cancel the order in the event of a previous dispute, resolved or not, arising during previous order(s), whatever the cause or origin.

Loss or theft of the package

La Poste offers a service called "Insurance against loss and theft" instructing the postman to give the parcel in person to the person indicated on the address, thereby guaranteeing delivery and, in the event of absence, prohibiting the postman to drop the package in the mailbox (thus avoiding package theft).

If the customer does not select this option in the sales process on SONLIFE, the postman may, in the event of the customer's absence during delivery, place the package in the package compartment of the mailbox.

Consequently, it is absolutely not possible for either the Post Office or us to receive a complaint and carry out an investigation in the event of non-receipt of the package, theft or deterioration of its contents.

Our work is limited to transmitting the tracking number to the customer, which will allow them to verify that the package has been sent and has arrived at the address indicated. After this step, WE DISCLAIM ALL RESPONSIBILITY and any claim for DAMAGE, THEFT OR NON-RECEIPTIVE.

It is a risk that the client takes deliberately, with full knowledge of the facts.


Refunds are only valid on our different packs and unopened bottles. There are no returns or refunds possible for the purchase of individual bottles.

SONLIFE's guarantee is limited to the return of the product, its exchange or reimbursement of the price, subject to compliance by the customer with the conditions and deadlines indicated in the following paragraph.

If there is an order error on the part of SONLIFE, the order may be returned after agreement with our after-sales service. The shipping costs linked to the return of the goods will be covered by SONLIFE.

Progress of the refund procedure

The refund is valid only for pack offers.

In the event of defects, refunds are valid for a maximum of 7 days after the customer receives their order. The order must be checked within the 5 day period mentioned.

Once their package has been collected, the customer has 5 days to return their order. For their return to be accepted, the customer must return all the bottles in their pack.
One of the bottles in its pack is allowed to be opened, the remaining bottles must not have been opened.
The customer must send an email to and explain the reasons for their return.

The customer must return their order via post or any other carrier. It will then be refunded (excluding delivery costs) within 15 days maximum to the payment method made at the time of purchase.

Right of return

In Switzerland, no right of return is officially provided for in law if no defect is noted; only art. 197 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations on sales contracts is applicable.

However, SONLIFE authorizes certain returns according to the conditions listed above. SONLIFE must not justify either the acceptance or refusal of a return. The return of goods takes place at the discretion of SONLIFE and does not give rise to a legal claim.

If a return of merchandise is accepted, the customer must assume the return costs as well as the delivery costs.

All scheduled returns must be returned within 5 business days (Saturday is considered a business day) from the day the return is accepted.

Products appearing as part of a special offer are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

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