The secret of Sonlife ingredients

SONLIFE is not just a drink, it is a symphony of natural benefits designed to elevate your wellness experience.

Each ingredient in SONLIFE is chosen with the greatest care, not only for its purity and superior quality, but also for the unique benefits it brings to your body and mind.

SONLIFE: Swiss made excellence

SONLIFE, an embodiment of Swiss excellence and purity, is the symbol of an innovative approach to natural drinks. Our commitment to “Swiss Made” is deeply ingrained in every aspect of SONLIFE, from design to production. In Switzerland, known worldwide for its impeccable quality and respect for nature, we found the inspiration and resources necessary to create an exceptional drink.

Ingredient 1

Hibiscus: a bouquet of benefits

Powerful Antioxidants : Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, helping to fight free radical damage and promoting better well-being.

Immune strengthening : The high vitamin C content of hibiscus strengthens the immune system.

Ingredient 2

Swiss water quality: purity and freshness

Optimal hydration : The water quality in Switzerland is renowned for its exceptional purity, offering you deep and refreshing hydration.

Essential Minerals : Naturally enriched with minerals, water in Switzerland contributes to your body's electrolyte balance, essential for many bodily functions.

Ingredient 3

Swiss beet sugar, a natural sweetness

Natural Energy : The beet sugar in SONLIFE provides a natural energy source.

Subtle, balanced taste : Unlike artificial sweeteners, beet sugar offers a natural, delicate sweetness, which perfectly complements the flavor of hibiscus without being overpowering.

SONLIFE - Just for you!

Every sip of SONLIFE is an experience in itself - a fusion of natural goodness and authentic flavors. It's much more than a drink; it's a commitment to your health, drawing the best from nature to provide you with healthier, more delicious hydration. Enjoy the richness of hibiscus flower, the purity of Swiss water and the natural sweetness of beet sugar

SONLIFE - your choice for an invigorated and balanced everyday life.