All your questions about SONLIFE!

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Is SONLIFE drink alcoholic?

Our SONLIFE drink is 100% natural, it does not contain alcohol.

Only Swiss water, Swiss beet sugar and dried hibiscus flower (Karkadée).

Why use hibiscus flower from countries other than Switzerland?

The hibiscus flower which grows in Switzerland and mainly in Europe is unfortunately not edible.

The Karkadé hibiscus flower that we use to make our SONLIFE drink comes from different African countries.

Indeed, Karakadé needs a tropical climate to develop.

You claim that SONLIFE is a Swiss made drink. However, the edible hibiscus flower does not grow in Switzerland?

Indeed, the hibiscus flower that we use to
to develop the recipes for our SONLIFE drinks, grown in areas
tropical regions across the globe, particularly in Africa, Asia and South America.

However, our SONLIFE drinks are exclusively
developed in Switzerland and therefore Swiss made like the English translation: made in Switzerland

Just like Swiss made chocolate and made with
cocoa from non-European Union areas.

Does the drink contain any chemical additives or preservatives?

Our SONLIFE drink is pasteurized, it contains no additives, no preservatives or artificial colors.

Pasteurization ?

Pasteurization is a process by which certain foods are quickly heated for a short time to kill bacteria that could make you sick.

Pasteurization keeps food safe without altering the nutrients it contains.

I have allergies and/or am intolerant, can I still consume your drink?

Yes of course, the development of our SONLIFE drink does not use any allergenic product or product commonly known to cause intolerance (gluten, lactose, theine or caffeine).

I am pregnant, then consume without risk?

Consumption of our SONLIFE drink does not present any risk for pregnant women.

In addition, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the hibiscus flower represents a real natural alternative that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

However, excessive daily consumption (more than 2 liters/per day over a long period) of our SONLIFE drink could cause a minimal risk to your health.

Just like any consumable product, it's all about balance.

I noticed the presence of deposits at the bottom of my SONLIFE bottle, should I be worried?

This is simply a natural deposit, which may be due to temperature changes and the natural aging process of our SONLIFE infusions.

In fact, all our drinks are natural. Therefore, with no additives to avoid natural aging and the presence of deposits.
So, don't see any sign of alteration, the deposit can even be synonymous with quality.

So if you see a deposit in one of our drinks, shake it and enjoy it cold.

What payment methods are allowed?

You can pay via PayPal, Twint (Switzerland), Stripe which accepts AMEX as well as the majority of credit cards, Coinbase payments or Binance Pay.

All these payment methods are secure.

I didn't like your drink, how can I get a refund? Can I return my order?

We are sorry that you did not like our SONLIFE drink.

Return is possible only if only one of the bottles has been opened and the others have remained intact.

Please inform us in advance by sending an email, specifying your order number, to the following address:

Return costs are your responsibility.

Thank you for consulting the general sales conditions

How soon will I be delivered?

You will be delivered within 2-5 working days in Switzerland.