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SONLIFE, the alcohol-free drink, 100% natural, vegan and without additives!
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When I was younger, I didn't pay attention to my diet despite the fact that I practiced a lot of sports and outdoor activities.

I consumed a lot of sodas and other sugary drinks until the day something clicked. I realized the importance of taking care of yourself and your body. From then on, I started to pay a little more attention to my diet.

I started to eat healthier and healthier. I mostly stopped soft drinks and limited my consumption of sugary drinks. I immediately realized the real benefits it brought to my body and therefore to my health in general.

Now, I feel less and less the need to consume these extremely sweet drinks to which I was addicted in the past.

Unfortunately, the choice being relatively limited, I got into the habit of ordering a syrup. Which has the gift of making my family and loved ones laugh.

The idea caught on and my mission was clear, to develop a drink recipe that is both tasty, more natural and tends to be healthier than what can be found on the market. The goal was to make zero compromises.

It was now necessary to find the most important? What main ingredient and especially how to make this drink. I first surrounded myself with my family, especially my mother who played an essential role and without whom this project would probably never have seen the light of day, so THANK YOU MOM.

We quickly became interested in the hibiscus flower, which is full of many world-renowned natural resources.

SONLIFE being a Swiss brand, we had to find the best quality of hibiscus flower for our products. We have traveled several continents to find and test the different hibiscus flowers. We have scrupulously selected a panel of hibiscus flowers from several regions. The choice of the quality of our products and the respect of all the hygiene standards in force are essential values ​​for our brand.

Internationally known, hibiscus flower infusions are often very sweet, with a very thick and nourishing texture, with a very high level of sugar in order to mask the acidity and the slight bitterness of the hibiscus flower. We wanted to develop a different product that can be consumed at any time of the day and not just anyone.

Our challenge was to find the right recipe as well as the team that would be able to carry out this very ambitious but necessary project. After multiple trials, doubts and failures, we had, in our opinion, found a balanced recipe that could be adapted to both children and seniors, as well as elite athletes or not.

We had just found the formula for our first version of our SONLIFE drink (the original).

The Hibiscus Flower that we use to develop the recipes for our SONLIFE drinks grows in tropical areas across the globe, particularly in Africa, Asia and South America.

It is recognized for its many natural therapeutic virtues on the health of its consumers.

SONLIFE is a Swiss made drink with hibiscus flower extract, premium without alcohol, a recipe on a pasteurized infusion base, made with water from the Swiss Alps, 100% natural, without additives, without coloring or preservative, vegan, lactose-free & gluten-free, theine-free, caffeine-free and with Swiss beet sugar.

Our goal is to provide a real tasty alternative that is thirst-quenching and refreshing, healthier with the added bonus of the recognized natural therapeutic virtues of the hibiscus flower.

Finding a name is always very complicated, whether it's for a newborn, a friend or a pet, it's just as difficult for a brand for a project that is close to my heart. However, one thing was certain, we wanted to associate our brand name with the person who, a few months before the launch of the website, became THE most important person in my eyes, my little daughter SOPHIA.

May 2020, the world was at its worst, the COVID-19 was starting to take its toll despite this, we still decided to launch our first site under the SONJI brand name.

After a little less than three years of existence, a relatively rapid growth, and this, despite the still very unstable economic situation, we have decided to start the year 2023 with a new brand name. With limitless ambition, even more overflowing passion, the rigor and consistency coming from our dear country Switzerland, the resilience that allows us to get through this period of crisis which we hope will soon come to an end.

The new brand SONLIFE will keep the prefix SON coming from the acronym of SOPHIA and LIFE (life in English) which refers to life, to well-being, to all that is good for our body and mind. What we fight for every day to achieve our goals and dreams.

Our differences : Switzerland, the quality of the water and our ingredients, the Swiss made and its high level of requirement.

Our Values : High quality in the development of our drinks and the services provided to our community, transparency in the content of our drinks, team spirit because we deeply believe in the power of the collective brain. Ecology is essential for our brand, our drinks are packaged only in non-returnable and reusable glass bottles for our daily lives.

Our slogan /Mission : unique tasty experience, for a healthier lifestyle!

Whatever your generation, your origins or cultures